Friday, June 11, 2010

A big dilemma

Should i chrome the vent window frame or should i wait till i paint the car when all the other new chrome is going on? (i have boxes of new exterior chrome that is ready to put on the car)

right now i am assembling the vent windows and have to replace all the rubber which means completely taking them apart and rebuilding them. And as of now i have never rebuilt something using a part that didn't look perfect.

the problem with chroming the vent window is if i change it to new chrome it will bring attention to the side windows and the new chrome will not match the rest of the window trim or might make the other non-replaced window trim look worst then it does right now.

i am going to chrome or replace it with a new frame when i paint the car because it will have to be removed for proper painting prep as well as the rest of window trim and all other exterior trim.

i have worked an entire day shining the chrome and cleaning the window trying to make them passable. I may not think they are perfect but mom, dad, and Sean have all said it looks great. maybe i am just over drilling the subject but i don't know. That's just the way i have worked on the car since the beginning.

i have asked myself one simple question through out the restoration, "How does it look/work?" and if the answer is anything but DAMN, NICE, WE'RE GOOD, or HA GOT IT then i have redone it as many times as it took to get over the "ummm..." or "hmmm..." humps :)

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

My Mustang has a door Finally!!!

So last weekend Dad, Sean, and T attempted to install the driver's side door on the mustang again. this is are 5th time the door has been put on the door and the 17th time of adjusting and checking. It has been about 6 months since our last attempt at the door. We took apart one of our jacks to specially design it for the door, used a $40 special ordered wrench, use another jack, a block of wood, two bricks, socket wrench, a small screwdriver, 10 Popsicle sticks, a bunch of blue masking tape, three humans, 1-2 hours of just sitting there thinking how do we start, close to 3-4 hours of prep, and 1-2 hours of checking/rechecking/adjusting/freaking out/pleading with the heavens to find that the door is finally installed and lines up pretty much perfectly on the first try of sunday. :)

so after about 5-7 hours here it is:

with the door open

note: yes the door is a bit angled like a lambo scissor door which which is why the door fit a alot better this time

with the door closed

from the rear

to show the lines

and finally for those who think i'm pulling your leg here's the passenger side too


Stang update for Febuary/March

so these two months we were mostly working on the eletrical problems and changing fuilds and checking the engine.

this is a picture of the new and the old alternator fan/spacer/balancer (i think not sure exactly what its for)

this one is a picture of all the parts i restored excempt the alternator, bought it at kragen hehehe

here is a picture of all the parts reinstalled and ready to go and the fresh new battery shown has since been taken out and replaced as it was distroyed in the testing process of the eletrical system

here's a close up of the fan and alternator

this shows the exhaust manifold after i restored it to its original shade of cast iron

Stang in January

This is what the mustang looked like in january

The Dash

Driver side

Passenger side

Half Way Through The Install of The Front Seats
and after the Guages, Steering Colum, Steer Wheel, Dash Pad, Seat Belts (not the three points yet) installed

The Rear Seat
the second time i had to completely take it apart and reinstall it, i forgot to install the water sheild to the rear quarter panels

and this last one was just for fun
i like it, was trying to capture the late nights working on the stang :P

Monday, April 19, 2010

Stang updates

ok as some of you might have known i have/had a website build just for the mustang and i used it alot made quite a few sections of the website then i stopped using it and google changed the website so i'm going to be posting on here

the link to the website is click me.
the url is:

so i said i'd post pictures a while ago but never got around to it so i'm going to split them into three posts one for january, one for feburay/ march and one for april.

so enjoy

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Eletrical Problems Solved =)

I will post pictures of what what this looks like in a few days.

ok so for the last three or so weeks i've been having a problem, well an electrical problem with the mustang. Basically when the engine is running there is no voltage going to the battery hints why I've gone through three batteries. (gotta love the warranty)

To fix the problem i tried to change the battery multiple times which didn't work. then i thought ok no 14 volts while the engine is running ok alternator.

Took out the old alternator which released the belt and while the belt was out why not take out the fan and pulleys cuz they didn't look nice. So had to sand/prep/paint all of them which took a couple of days (only work 1-3 hours a day).

Put the new belt, pulleys, fan, and alternator in got the belt tension right and fired up the engine only to find 12.6V on the battery so we thought the alternator is not working. took it out and got it tested to find out it failed the test. oh great the brand new alternator is broken, got a replacement and tested that one fail now the guy is like "maybe our testing equipment is bad"
We go to kragen/oriley in burbank and they test it passes ok so we know the battery work the alternator works.

What else is in the charging system? . Time to go Mustangs Etc. and see if we can find a solution. Gilbert is says that it might be the voltage regulator. oh yah the voltage regulator (the thingy that knocks the voltage from 19V to 14V). So we get a new one put it in still no voltage at the battery.

We test the leads at the alternator while the engine is running and 19V so its like well we know the alternator is working so we know its the voltage regulator so we get and another new regulator and nope doesn't work. so we ask some mechanics how to test the regulator but they didn't know so we got another new regulator installed it and nope didn't work. but one of the mechanics gave us an idea he said "maybe you have a wire switched or something". Sean thought continuity of the wires.

So we test the positive works, negative is just grounding, then sure enough we test the field line and no continuity meaning the wire is not connected to the right place. But I followed the wire from one terminal to the other so it made no sense. Sean was like nope the wire is not connected so I followed the wire looking at every inch of the wire looking for a problem.

OMG sean look and this sure enough the wire was not even connected to itself. But its was at the bottom of the engine compartment and the side facing the wall. The previous owner had cut three of the wires to install a audio system to the alternator but changed his mind and had twisted the wires together each and wrapped them in electrical tape.

Now to give you an idea of what is happening we have 700amps with 19volts going through a 12 gauge wire. A twisted wire is acting an a resister and an old electric water heater is a coiled wire with electricity running through it creating heat. Basically amplify that by a ton and you get an extremely red wire that it melted the copper and created zinc powder and burnt a huge gap in the wire.

So Dad and me are extremely happy to see that it is actually working (btw its never worked even when we first got the car). I think the old alternator and voltage regulators are probably still fine but there wore looking so we're going to keep the new parts.

Monday, March 8, 2010

First Post

ok so i'm not 100% sure how to start this post but whatever...

I'm Mr.T well at least thats what every body calls me. Some people know me by another name which i will not disclose here.

I'm currently working on an almost four year restoration of a 1966 Mustang. Its a Straight six yah to all the ford six bangers out there :) I will most likely be talking about the car.

I'm in school studying to be an electrical engineer and i like building/fixing/gaming on computers no i do not own the whole new age consoles, I'm a PC gamer, so yes i'm quite the nerd.

oh yah i have a pet. His not the normal pet most people have like dogs and cats, he's a gecko. A New Caledonian Eyelash Crested Gecko or Crested Gecko for short. As you might have easily guessed his name is Mr.G.

ok i think that is enough introduction to me.