Friday, June 11, 2010

A big dilemma

Should i chrome the vent window frame or should i wait till i paint the car when all the other new chrome is going on? (i have boxes of new exterior chrome that is ready to put on the car)

right now i am assembling the vent windows and have to replace all the rubber which means completely taking them apart and rebuilding them. And as of now i have never rebuilt something using a part that didn't look perfect.

the problem with chroming the vent window is if i change it to new chrome it will bring attention to the side windows and the new chrome will not match the rest of the window trim or might make the other non-replaced window trim look worst then it does right now.

i am going to chrome or replace it with a new frame when i paint the car because it will have to be removed for proper painting prep as well as the rest of window trim and all other exterior trim.

i have worked an entire day shining the chrome and cleaning the window trying to make them passable. I may not think they are perfect but mom, dad, and Sean have all said it looks great. maybe i am just over drilling the subject but i don't know. That's just the way i have worked on the car since the beginning.

i have asked myself one simple question through out the restoration, "How does it look/work?" and if the answer is anything but DAMN, NICE, WE'RE GOOD, or HA GOT IT then i have redone it as many times as it took to get over the "ummm..." or "hmmm..." humps :)

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  1. It will look Damn good when you do it with a new paint job. . . LATER!